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Every guy is a pervert to some extent I know it. I'm just being honest...

Enjoyed this creepy game!

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I enjoyed that but it was sometimes a bit hard to say what is evidence or not since I couldn't detect any visual differences between normal sheet of papers lying around (Would have loved to be able to read those as well). I might take a bath now with the new treasure i found

I panic

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Detective H.Duckman on the case.

This mission is one like never before, Statues with big ol' honkers, creeky door leftovers, pervert nazi ghosts and the most horrifying discovery of all..... there's a recipe for Belle Delphine's Bath Water.

I absolutely loved playing through this and i have to give big old props to the developers for doing such a terrific job.  

I'm hoping you enjoy my playthrough just as much as I did when hopping into the game

                                                                      - HardDuckman <3


Absolutely enjoyed watching this, keep up the good work ^^

More than glad to hear you liked it my man.

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Very spooky. I never even found out what was for lunch that day

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The lunch had expired anyway ^^

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Quite an interesting game, but still raw in terms of screamers, it needs to be improved, and the concept itself is quite interesting)

Well this was a refreshing take on horror, with some really awesome humor! I really loved the 2 second ending. haha. Everything looked great, atmosphere was awesome, enemy could have been a bit more animated, but still did the job and scared me a few times! Good work, keen to see more!

Thank you, I appreciate it ;)

you're very welcome. And I'm looking forward to seeing more from you!