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H a r r y P o t t e r

H a r r y P o t t e r

the boy who liven‘t 

H a r r y P o t t e r

heya funny game!! and still super tense i made a tribute video to Robbie Coltrane and i used a full playthrough of this for a bit until the end after the tribute part. Start from 8:50 for the full bit :)

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Hey, I don't know if you intend to update this game, but do you think it would be possible to add a rebind option to the game? A way to rebind pickup to scroll wheel for example.

That would be possible, but it would involve a lot of work and I‘m currently very limited on time, also this game is one of my older games and not that popular anymore. I‘m sorry but I don‘t think it‘ll receive another update.

Sorry for being so quiet over the last few weeks, I've been very busy and haven't had much time for game development. I'll try to give you some information about my next game soon

Love the concept! You might wanna cap the frame rate, It was maxing out my nvidia quadro rtx 5000. I was having the same issue on my game where it would max out the gpu on any system. Keep up the good work

Oh I see that makes sense. I should really fix that sometime

cool game

Terrifying and absolutely beautiful, I could not think of a better experience to have in the Hogwarts grounds than fueling Dobby's addiction.

Loved it!

Nice game! Really liked and enjoyed it!


A funny adventure. Nice.

Well done, the game is real fun!

How did you manage to import the original maps to Unity? 

There is a website called that's where I got the models from.

Que rollo razita que habla español? aquí les dejo la primera parte de mi gameplay, la neta, goty 10/10, juegazo, te saca buenos sustos y te diviertes un chingo con este juego, lo recomiendo machín, si quieren y si les gusta los juegos de itchio pueden suscribrirse a mi canal, que estaré subiendo muchos gameplays de esta hermosa página 

just uploaded the full gameplay on my channel. People been asking for it lol. I absolutely loved this game. Thank you again creator for this awesome game. (promoted your page in my description, hope thats cool)



I loved this game so much! So glad i saw it and tried it.. Im a big harry Potter fan. This was just awesome. Small bugs here and there but overall veryy well done! 

Thanks I appreciate it ^^

This is a funny game, I laughed way too hard for all of it. 

I love this game but i'm scary on my video ! go look !!

Had a ton of fun playing this, I didn't know what to expect and had a great time!

This is an very good game.

Harry Potter als Horror Game: Here ya go!


So far I have: distributed strange, neon-colored, glow-in-the-dark drugs; ended the lives of numerous innocent school children as an unstoppable homicidal maniac and juked Hagrid so hard that he broke his ankles. 


My average friday afternoon

I liked this game, as it reminded me of the old Harry Potter game I played on PC years ago and now I have Hagrid chasing after me CONSTANTLY! XD

Wasn't a big fan of the platforming as I followed it... but I had no idea where to go next. I didn't realise there was even more after the platforming lol

(First game I play)


this was certainly unique. I have no regrets. thank

very good game really liked to be chased by hagrid

Nice PSX, Good Memes, NIce work :)

Full PLay No Commentary 


This was the weirdest nostalgia trip ever!

Video Link:

#harrypotter #gaming #indiegame #horror #itchio #gameplay

yo i cant figure out how to actually open the game after downloading it. I downloaded both versions just in case, but cant figure out which file actually opens the game.

Have you unzipped the file? There should be a .exe (executable) file simply called "Escape PS1 Hagrid" you can open on any Windows system by double clicking it 


Is there a way to make a desktop shortcut for this game

I think you can do right click on the . exe file - > create shortcut than drag the shortcut wherever you want (on the desktop for example) 

My upcoming game is now 99% done. It is likely to be released this weekend.


why did my posts get deleted?

so i ask again.

is this a trojan virus or not


Sorry for misunderstanding, I thought it was spam, because I only skimmed your comment and thought it was a link to some shady website (had many of those comments recently) and I didn't want to click on it. 

Now to your question, I can guarantee this is NOT a trojan virus and I'm not sure why Antiy-AVL detects it as such unlike the other virus scanners. One possible explanation could be that the game uses Unity's PlayerPrefs to store data, which is a rather uncommon method since the data is easily accessible and can even be rewritten by the user, but in this particular case not important, it only stores the difficulty settings, which is why I chose this simple method. 

Even though I'm not sure about it, since I don't know how Antiy-AVL operates, it might be the way that the game generates and saves data that causes the program to think there is a hidden virus. 

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Oh ok sorry for bothering you. This explains everything. Thanks for the explenation btw.


I’m glad you asked


WHO MADE THIS GAME LMAOOO. my gameplay was HELLA funny....




I laughed, I cried, I cursed the parkour section, I murdered some children. Great game!


average gym class

best game

thasa 10/10 spicy gamerino 

didn't get to finish the game but I will come back lol. overall, good game. check out my 2 random horror games :) 

Cool game.I liked it, will there be updates for this game?

p.s I've always wanted to play a non-standard game about Harry


Прикольная игра.Мне понравилась,будут ли выходить обновления  для этой игры?

p.s Всегда хотел поиграть в нестандартную игру про Гарри


The only thing that would make this game better is an optional attachment that you wear on your head that constantly blows air down the back of your neck

It will be delivered with the game of the year physical copy of this game for Samsung Smart Fridge.


I will be first in line with my tent

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