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In Down Here you play as a sewer worker sent to investigate the source of odd noises reported by people, whose houses are all connected to a certain part of the sewer. Once in you realize something is terribly wrong. The only way out is raising the water level high enough to open your exit door, but watch out, you are not alone down here.


WASD to move

MOUSE to look

E to interact

I for hints

ESC to leave

Rated 3.6 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Low-poly, Mystery, PSX (PlayStation), Singleplayer, Spooky


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Once more my biggest enemy, a maze, and once more it proved to give me any turns and I will walk in a circle. I cannot believe how many dead ends there are, now I may have just walked in a circle, but it took me a while to raise the water level. The noise worked really well, even if I was not able to see the monster, it kept me on edge knowing he was right behind me.

I am glad that on death you respawn at the exit, or I doubt that I would ever find my way out of there.

Game was a lot of fun.

a pretty fun game wish it was a little scarier but hey still gave me the spoops 

Cool, and much more fair than Vanish. Yep, It's fun. Playable.

Down Here is the 2nd one

Comments below clip;


That's the last place on earth I want to be in...


I don't even want to think about the smells that you encounter down there...

The only thing on my mind [while playing this game]; get the f***outta here!!!!!

Luckily, I survived :o]

Thanks for 11 minutes of sheer fun & horror.

Kudos to all involved.

P.S. I didn't run into any bugs or other hiccups.

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Yours is the 4th game that I played

In my opinion this game was a bit boring there was only a one monster and no jumpscare. Work on it a bit more, but I liked it that I didnt know what was going to be in there.

Amé le juego es súper creepy XD

Great game! I was definitely spooked a few times, but you can see that for yourself here!

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This game is great! Super simple, and super creepy. I definitely had some Lost In Vivo Vibes when I was playing this!


Great game!!


that monster looks wild lmao

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this was a really creepy game i think i got lucky cause i never ran into the monster

I LOVED this game I thought it was so fun to play! hopefully it can be worked on and become something bigger!! I recorded myself playing it sooo if you wanna see my blind reaction here you go!! 

I thought the game was fun! I didn't see the monster all that much, so I tried to play it again to see what happens when you die and couldn't find him at all?

the monster roams for a random interval (I think between 1 and 2 minutes) and then dissapears for the same interval unless it's hunting you. I originally didn't have this in, but I found it to be quite hard while playtesting to have the monster constantly roaming around so I put this in. That's why it appears to be absent from time to time

I really like the concept of a maze with a monster in it where if you choose the wrong option you will perish, making the player want to create a mind map of the place. Thank you for making this! Your game is 2nd.

Ok so I'm not good with maze games lol took me forever. With that said, thank you so much for not making me restart every time I got caught :)  oh and the monster wasn't very scary after the 50th time catching me :) Great game !  Your game is second and starts at 5:37

This game is a masterpiece! I played this game and began instantly fearing the appearance of the monster in the sewers. The best part of the game in my opinion were the letters, the fact that they described how they never saw it only added to the tension of the reveal for the monster. However, I never ended up seeing it, but that only added to the fear I had, I was chased by it multiple times, but I never got a clear glimpse at it. That factor is the part that scares me most, constantly knowing you're threatened by something, but never actually seeing it is something that a lot of games aren't able to perfect, however you did this astonishably. If you're curious about my live reaction, I actually uploaded a video on my YouTube channel showing me experiencing the game. Anyways, loved the game, keep up the good work. 

its nice but i dont know why there are so many dead ends where the monster will kill you because it blocks the only exit


good game

The monster really reminds me of Brother from FF8. It plays well as expected for a maze horror game. Though I would put in 2 difficulty. The normal mode that has the hints and a hard mode where it has no hints and the valves are randomized each run.

Other then that, nice game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. https://www.youtube.com/c/Levont


Like all maze horror games, expect to run from something chasing you. However, it's the story and lore that makes this game shine through! I also like the monster design as well! I left some notes at the end of the video. I enjoyed this game though! Good work!

Thanks, great video ^^

Good little game! I don't know if I avoided the guy the "right" way but xD hahah. I used the labyrinth method and got all the valves fairly quick :3 

Never expected to run into a GOD KILLING DEMON in the sewers. It got me good but luckily I did it on my first try. Cool game.

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nice game

dang wish the monster would have smacked me but i didnt see him :D

Good game.


This caught me by surprise, honestly. 
The tense atmosphere got me. Even thou, the monster was not a constant treat, that's actually what made this way better than most games, as I, the player felt more surreal. 
Bravo. Excellent work. 

Thank you very much and the video is awesome :)

Nice game but a little too easy. It took forever to find the monster, lol.

You know you are supposed to avoid it xD

Can't get inside the first sewer at the start of the game.

There is a skeleton besides the sewer, inside it there is a letter you have to read in order to gain access