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This is a remake of my first* ever game published exactly one year ago, so I tried to complete remake it from the beginning with better models, textures, animations and various gameplay improvements.

The remake makes use of a black and white TV filter to further enhance the atmosphere.

You just arrived at home after a long day at work and go to bed when suddenly things take a change and you are confronted with supernatural events.


WASD - Move

Mouse - Look

E - Interact

ESC - Menu


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Very spooky!  That "The Ring" reference brought back some memories

Interesting short game , quite spooky. I also did the mistake by clicking the button, i should've listened.  :D



Creepy atmosphere, smooth gameplay, short game and got me freaked out from the tv,  bathroom and hallway. Great game!

Nice game

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Comments below clip;

Congrats on making your first game. I imagine it must have been a daunting task to tackle.  So, kudos to you for bringing this 'baby' into the world.

I think there can't be a greater compliment than for people to enjoy playing what you've created. Regardless whether they say so out loud or not.

Yes, it was a short game, but I thoroughly enjoyed playing it.

Do us gamers a favor, and produce more of these games for us to play!

You're absolutely right, the community makes it so amazing :D

I'll definitely work on more projects in the future when I get time for it. Currently there is one  prototype in development and  2 more psychological horror games are planned


Looking forward to everything that comes out of your pipeline [so to speak :o]

I didn't expect so much to happen! It definitely feels like there is a lot that could be expanded on! Good job though! 

 horror game


Was a fun little game! The film grain and TV effect really makes the atmosphere pop and be that more spooky. The greyness everywhere also made it seems spoopier and it was a fun short experience! 

Good job on creating a creepy atmosphere, really want to look into your other games if this was your starting benchmark. Good job on the remastering. 

This game was great! especially for your first game!? (Ik its a remake but its still a good concept for your first game) if you wanna see my blind reaction your game starts at 11:20!!

I like this game, especially the scene woman on the TV.

Not bad. Made for a good playthrough. Definitely worth the short time.
Dreamland Remake Full Playthrough - Indie Horror Spotlight #6 - YouTube

I clicked. No regrets.

Spooky game. The woman on the TV was really creepy. 

I need to go play the old version now. This was a good little game. The jumpscares didn't land with me though. I did like the atmosphere, super creepy  . Wish it was longer :)  Great game.  Your game is first and starts at 0:27

This game was really good. it was spooky and I like the black and white look to it. Definitely looked pretty polished so overall this was a great game.

this was really creepy and was alot shorter than i thought it was going to be but was still good

This was so cool. Especially the hallway part!

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3 minutes of dreamland I game like it πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ’―

What a amazing game! The ambiance and sounds are terrifying! I really enjoyed playing it and it was a shame that it ended that fast!

Man, please keep making games like this, it will be amazing to play them!

Extended version of my opinions and gameplay on this.

Hope you all enjoy it also.

Thanks for the kind words, reading stuff like this is what makes game development so enjoyable :D

Iβ€˜ll definitely check out the video later ^^

Thank you, mate! Keep rocking like that! 

Enjoy guys. If you like my video please consider subscribing to help me do what i love the most which is making gaming content . thanks in advanced xo

aa very good!

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nice rework game :D

Short but not bad at all. Never played the original so can't comment on how good this remaster is. Made a video on it.

kinda like, weird bro

The game's atmosphere is pretty decent despite the jumpscare not sticking. Keep it up.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. https://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Good job :3 I did not play the first game you played, only this one. I liked it. Here is my  gameplay if you want to take a look 

I really liked this, it was short and creepy, the "jumpscares" didn't land as much, but they were neat to have in the game, good work :)

For a quick spooky experience it is fine. It does tap into some cliches though including getting locked in a room, a looping hallway; stuff like that. The jumpscares weren't too scary which is fine. I am not sure if there are plans to add to the game and create more to do but as it is, a short spooky experience, it works.

Great work.

I think there is bug with option fullscreen?

To be honest, I liked the original one more. 
Following you for a while now and I've played most of your games. Have to say, there is a huge improvement on the development side and I like that. Still consider "Sleep tight" and "The Saloon" to be the best you have done, but the original "Dreamland" gives eerie vibes and choosing grey scale/black and white was not particularly my preference, but as for what it was, short and spooky experience, this game did it for me. 
Good job. Keep the good games coming! Happy Holidays!

thank you very much for the feedback, I think about implementing an option to disable the filter. Nonetheless I appreciate your kind words.

Happy holidays to you!