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You play as Yuri, a 16-year-old teenage girl, living in an  industrial city in Japan, 1986. On your way home from school, you go to a store near you to buy groceries for dinner, but you are being followed.


Yuri and her mother live alone in an apartment only a few hundred meters from their school. Her mother separated from her father two years ago after many incidents of domestic violence and cut off all contact between him and her daughter. A month ago he ambushed Yuri in front of the school to talk to her. When he grabbed her shoulder, she ran away in panic because she hasn't forgotten the violence. She didn't tell her mother about the incident, nor did she tell the empathetic young man in the shop. When she used to tell people about her problems, they often downplayed her. That's why she has become more and more withdrawn since the incident two years ago and only talks superficially with her mother.

Emono is compatible with Keyboard/ Mouse & XBox 360 Controller.

WASD/ LSB - Move

Shift/ LSB (Press) - Sprint

100mb of free space

Dual Core CPU



Game Page https://lolscrubs.itch.io/
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwrSfc2UKrp1QKaEkBt3mFw
Twitter @MediaMegabyte

Rated 3.3 out of 5 stars
(24 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Creepy, Dark, Escape Game, Horror, PSX (PlayStation), Psychological Horror, Retro, Third Person
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller


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Thanks for the game

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Omg this had me on the seat of my pants from the onset. The VHS aesthetic alone was a draw in. But from the onset, you already booking it as you're being followed, and as someone who has been stalked in irl, it really hit a cord. 

I read the story afterward, and it hit home even further. The sound design is wonderful. The soundtrack itself is unique and yet draws you in as you run for you life. Even more that is has multiple endings, which one just surprised the heck out of me. This game has some major potential and is worth trying out. Just do it, you won't regret it!

If you want a preview, it's the first game in the set above. 

MCA Horror replied:

I got confused at first until I read the story of the game. It has potential I got to hand it to you my dude.


You're game helped me get to where I am today. Thank You!

Liked your game. You have chosen the truth as a topic for the game, capable of fraying nerves. And music is generally the dump of everything. Good luck in future projects.

I will be glad to subscribe to the channel ( ̄y▽, ̄)╭

This is like.. so familiar but it is also super different. The story confused me but it was decently fun 


LolScrub im not tryna be a dick but this shit is corny as hell we already have 300 other "VHS Japanese Horror that looks like its from the 80s ooohhh" games done better by Puppet Combo. Respectfully of course

Debería tener una opción para aumentar el brillo ya que al comienzo no se alcanza a ver nada con claridad. La temática es escalofriante, me gustó mucho el juego.

Cool! VHS is super style thing!

Very interesting game!! The camera work is so nostalgic (tho I'm not used to it AT ALL anymore xd) and the overall idea was very unnerving! The controls were a bit wonky at times (or maybe it's just me?) but great game! Had real fun with it!

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This game is so cool! I love all the different perspectives you get to see your character in (especially the enemies pov) even though it was very trippy and weird at some points lol.

Had a really great experience playing this! I managed to do something funny in which I unlocked the secret ending before the actual good or bad ones! Check it out ;)

No matter where I go, no matter how fast I run, there he is always behind me...

Hey, great game. Liked the style ;)

Great Game!

Part of my 4 Scary games. Realy nice atmosphere and tone. Would've loved more for the ending and the game glitched at one point. you should think about making this into a Full game! 5/5 

controls were  5/5 but for reals though the fixed perspective made me think of old school resident evil right away.  good job!

It's hard to tell if this is any good because the controls and camera switches are so bad. It took like five tries just get around one of the early corners because of that, and then I wandered into a store and got completely stuck off-camera. 

the camera was a bit glitchy sometimes, but not bad! 

Your creativity!

The controls being weird made this so much scarier great game tho man

Awesome game! I love the style and controls that add to the horror. Had great fun and hope to check out future projects to play on my channel!

very cool game, reminds me of puppet cumbo. had problems with the control a bit while playing. i somehow got the secret ending first lmao. unfortunately i didnt get the other 2 endings because i had to go play other games and my time were running short at the time. keep up the good work

great fun game. kinda hard to play when the camera changes cuz it gives the stalker/father a second to walk and sometimes if you hold w and the camera changes you tp back to the alley before and you can't go back but besides those the lore is so good especially since you need 3 endings ( i got the secret ending first then i glitched the game and got good and bad ending at the same time). 4/5

Great game. Unfortunatelly i took, i think, the bad final :(

I am hopelessly in love with the audio and aesthetics of this game. Thank you.

japanese games is weird n i like it

Very nice work again. That camera angle at the finale was just a beautiful idea. Thanks for sharing this with us!

This game is absolutely incredible, I love the story and the questions it brings to the player, keep up the good work dev!

Would like to see more of that :P

Great Game - 

this games really short but also very visually impressive the style is so good and the vhs filter adds an extra bit of scares to it if you want to see my full playthrough of this here it is 

its the first one in the video, if you checked  it out i appreciate you and i hope you have a good day regardless

Got the secret ending on the first try because i'm amazing 

Your game starts at 8:42

Whilst the mechanics can be a bit clunky at times (mainly when transitioning between cameras, as you have to  quickly adjust which keys you're pressing), this is nevertheless an interesting little game with a great visual style! Well worth checking out.

I felt nostalgia, but it was a very good game.

It's not that its bad.. I actually loved the style I think it has a lot of charm, but it gave me horror Blueballs like where is the rest of it?.. I want more! and next time a warning that you used a copy write song would be Dope. lmao 

Great game! Really enjoyed it. Loved the endings, but the controls are a little annoying. After the scene in the convenience store where the camera angle changes to the killers perspective, it gets extremely hard to navigate her through the alleyway because of the sudden change in perspective, and the fact that there isn't much of a distance between you and the killer from the start doesn't make it easier. Got the secret ending on my first try, bad ending on my 3rd, and good ending on my 8th :) 

But it was still an awesome game nonetheless. Awesome art. My favorite moment is the part where you're in the alleyway and  have to walk towards the camera, while you can see the beautilful sunset in the background. 

Loved it.  9.5/10   

Thanks for the kind words i appreciate it ^^

only one ending ?

Three ending. A good, a bad and a secret ending.

Nice Game, I liked it wish if there was more content, and also the background music add to the horror vibes. Amazing Concept .

Also can you put the download link of the creepy music

I made a video on the gameplay check it out

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